Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bonds and Crossdressing

I usually don't login to post about one topic, and I can't actually say why that is. But this, this I can't pass up.

If any of you are regular readers of this blog or know me ("but then I repeat myself"), you'll know I'm from Pittsburgh. And being from Pittsburgh, I've been, since about 1993, been carefully conditioned to disapprove of everything Barry Bonds stands for. He's pompous, he's got that ridiculous martyr complex thing that doesn't make any sense, and he won't stop whining about how people hate him for being an all around jackass. He's become emblematic of a very real scandal in baseball, and I can't get behind his fan's assumption that it doesn't matter whether or not he's on 'roids, because "power's not the only thing that hits home runs". That's true, but if all we're talking about is accuracy and ability to judge a pitch, Jason Bay might have broken the "zero" barrier in last years HR Derby.

But right now, in this moment, that's ok. Why? Because for the first time in quite some time, Barry Bonds showed he had a sense of humor at Giants camp yesterday. I still don't like the guy or what his playing means and has meant for baseball. But good lord, Barry Bonds-as-Paula Abdul is just comedy gold. I've no doubt that this reaction is exactly what they were looking for from the public.

But Barry Bonds in a dress isn't' something you see every day. If you're lucky.

So yes. That said, good for Bonds for showing a bit of humor once in a decade, and I think we'll all be happy to just go on with our lives, trying desperately to block that image out of our minds forever.

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Jenna said...

hm.. some joke about steroids and testosterone and boob jobs and dressing up like a woman, you make it up, I'm too lazy

that is cool

i think my dad was his waiter once