Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cats Universally Want Me To Give Them My Food

So, after a good six hour nap following actually getting into our hotel room (which is what I get for being one of those terrible people who finds it difficult to sleep on a metal tube 30,000 feet above the ground while a kid screams because, unlike the rest of us, that sort of freaks him out). We found an ATM (well, two, but the first one was “out of balance” which I presume means it’s not working). We successfully located the metro after walking down every street within a quarter mile of our hotel that didn’t have a metro station on it and rode off to the Acropolis, because hey, that’s someplace we’d heard of. Actually, as we were checking in, I wandered close to the hotel manager’s desk and she called me over and wrote down where we should go (Yes to Plaka and Montrasiki, no to Omonia). So that was good.

Having slept for six hours before getting out, the Acropolis was closed, but we did managed to wander into Plaka. Lots of shops, a bunch of little restaurants and, as we approached Montrasiki, an increasing number of international brands. Which is funny, because we walked a little past the Gap and ran into the Panagia Gorgoepikoos. We wound up eating at a place called Terina. I had mousaka (which, after we got back to the hotel and found a way to watch the Greece edition of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain described as “a brick”. I get that, but as far as little clay pots of eggplant and lamb go, it was pretty solid. Marina got chicken souvlaki and we split an order of fried cheese, because wherever we go, whether it’s Greece or central Wisconsin, we need to have some fried cheese.

About halfway through the meal, a number of stray cats started showing up and meowing for some food, which is bizarrely comforting in a familiar sort of way. I think they knew we were tourists and might give them some food, but instead we just took pictures of them to post on the internet, because that’s what cats are for.

Now, it’s Sunday and we’re heading back to the Acropolis to actually see the old things (instead of cats) and will be meeting up with Jordan later.

I may try to take a cat home in my luggage. We’ll see.

Pictures when we get around to loading them up.


Shari said...

I think Boris would like a Greek friend. Sounds like you and Marina are having fun! I'm looking forward to hearing more and seeing pictures! Hope you have a great time filled with all the fried cheese you can desire. Tell Maina I want to hear about the boat/cruise. :)

Boris said...

You better not bring another cat home!!

Boris said...

Well I guess you can bring me a Greek friend home. On one condition, he stays away from ALL MY CORNERS!! Hope all is well in Greece, I guess I don't my home away from home now, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Beavers are treating me well, wish Uncle Beavers wouldn't pick me up so often though, I hate that. I get him back for it though by sleeping on his face at 5 in the morning..>>^.^<<