Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Murphspot 4

A return to videoblogging to talk about the Pirates, some headbands and, hopefully, confuse the hell out of you.

I'll be returning to writing shortly.


Kriss said...

I miss that wall.

I don't miss the swimming in coins though. Chafes a bit.

Meera said...

i can't believe you ruined the game for me like that. i totally had it taped to watch later. and now i know the cubs kicked the pirates ass. thanks a LOT ryan.


Ben said...

I have always thought of you as a little puppy that always follows me around

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I love seeing you again, you are looking great, any way, I have to remind you that the Bucco's kicked the Mets a..es the other day! And of course,our Pittsburgh Penguins... I rationalize that they lost game 4 because they wanted to win at home!! You know how beloved us Pittsburghers are, anyway we did have a traffic jam on Thursday when a fan dressed up like a penguin (the bird) holding a broom with a sign saying HONK KF YOU THINK THE PENGUINS WILL SWEEP! Okay, enough said. Just think of me as YOU'RE BIGGEST PITTSBURGH FAN WHO HAPPENS TO LOVE CHICAGO AND YOU