Monday, July 16, 2007

What did your second cousin think of "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but the Internet's mostly social networking sites these days. That and blogs. The former serves to provide an easy way to keep in touch with old and current friends (by current I mean people you met at a party last week, and by old friends I mean people you didn't talk to in high school) while the latter serves as a platform to the world so that you can convince everyone how intelligent and witty you are, and how your opinion on things is necessary for any true sense of understanding in the world. Finally, these two noble enterprises have been combined into one single entity with which you can keep in touch with friends while impressing them with how smart you are.

Enter Good Reads. It's essentially a book review site, but allows you to rate and review every book you've ever so much as glanced at and share those reviews and ratings with your friends, who also have lists of things they've read and commented on. It likely also has some function as a way to find out about new and exciting books, but as I'm behind on the things I'm actually supposed to be reading, I haven't tested that yet.

So yes. If you're reading this, go to Good Reads. Sign up. Let me know you've done that so that I can get to know the real you by finding out what you thought of 1984. I like playing tenth grade English teacher. It's fun.

Also, their list of the Most Popular books for this week includes six Harry Potter books in the top TEN. I'm officially the only person that hasn't read any of them. In addition, "this week" apparently started almost a month ago. Who knew.

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