Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'd like to post

But unfortunately, I tripped on the way back from lunch today and broke my freaking hand. Not the whole thing, really. Just this bad mamma-jamma.

Expected heal time: Four Weeks

I may try, as annoying as videoblogging is, to get a camera to do just that because typing is a pain right now.


M E Murfie said...

Well finally you reappear I thought you'd never write again. I hope your hand doesn't hurt too much. I remember when you broke your other arm--clumsy. You're looking good, take a picture of your progress you know Mom's like to see that. Love to you and Jenna sorry about the Bears but we all know you have stayed true to the Steelers!! Have you started to watch "24" yet? Hope to hear from you soon!

Hal said...

Oh, like you did that much blogging anyhow.

Sorry to hear that. Looks painful. Get better soon.

Also, you look quite shaggy. Like a hobo.

Hal said...

Also, how are you doing any science with a busted paw?

Jenna said...

You broke your hand? I hadn't noticed! Get well soon!