Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Unbearable Lightness of Swerving

So here's the problem with riding a bike from my apartment in Edgewater to my workplace in Evanston, other than the 5.5 mile drive is a wee bit tiring. Mostly, the downside comes not on the way there, but on the way back home. In the morning, the sun is shining, and the ride along the lakeshore is incredibly beautiful when there's not wind blowing you into things. You arrive at work with a feeling of accomplishment.

On the way home, however, it's usually rather dark and the drive is more aptly described as "damned creepy" if I follow the route I followed in the morning, which goes through the more residential bits of Evanston. Today, however, I rode down Chicago Ave., Evanston's most densely populated North/South thoroughfare. That wasn't so bad, though there was some prick that cut me off at South Boulevard. The problem, as it were, came at the intersection of Chicago/Clark and Howard, where I was forced into the other lane by some schmuck in an SUV that did the whole "right on red" thing in a manner which can only be justified if there's a woman in labor in the car. If there was, it seems that they were stopping at GameSpot before heading to the hospital.

Which means I'm taking the residential route from now on. I did, however, find that there's a Hollywood video a few blocks west on Granville, which resulted in the purchase of Corpse Bride, Capote and Good Night and Good Luck. I've never seen the last in the series, but I've heard good things and besides, it was three DVDs for $25 (the price on each individually was $14.99, so bonus.)

In other news:

My IM Softball team got around to winning our first game of the season (which is now three games old; the other two games being a loss in the opener and a tie last week), whomping some group of gents with a jackass pitcher. Our right fielder was a cricket player and, from what I could tell in the hour since I met him, a fine fellow who picked up the game surprisingly well for having never played it before. He did kind of bring the bat with him to first on a hit, and a fly to right fell in for a double, but I was able to cover him on that and, to be honest, he tried a whole hell of a lot more than Jeromy Burnitz does. I say the Pirates should recruit him, and start him in right.

Also, the lab is in full "movecore" mode, meaning we're packing our possessions for the long and terrible journey three hundred yards away in another building. Good times.

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